“Square Root” is a unique and uplifting podcast where personalities from the economic, associative, cultural, and sports worlds discuss the sources of their inspiration. The project was born from a collaboration between the newspaper Tout Lyon, the communication agency Plus2sens, and our event venue, Carré Fourvière.

Revealing podcasts

“Square Root” offers episodes of about twenty minutes, where each guest reveals the “square root” of their journey. Each episode showcases a Lyon personality in a new light. Significant encounters, totemic figures, resourceful places, key moments, as well as musical and cinematic references, are shared throughout these conversations.

An Ideal Setting at Carré Fourvière

Carré Fourvière is an exceptional venue, ideal for hosting innovative projects like the “Square Root” podcasts. Our event space provides a peaceful and inspiring atmosphere, conducive to confidences and discussions. Our rooms are equipped with modern, high-performance equipment, creating the perfect environment for quality recordings.

To listen to “Square Root,” visit your usual streaming platforms and dive into the fascinating world of Lyon’s personalities.